International Performing Arts Biennial

The BODY.RADICAL International Performing Arts Biennial is a significant element of the activities supporting the mission of Touchpoint Art Foundation: building bridges between Asia and Europe. The aim of the organizer’s with this unique performing art festival is to continue the regional presentation of masters and artists related edgy, radical contemporary art from worldwide but mainly from Asia. We strengthen our Eastern-European presenters’ network for Asian culture. The program would like to reach a wide range of audience through the performances, collaboration creations, workshops, lecture, exhibition and film screening, involving the young generation as well, where the potential future interest in Asian culture could be generated. We would like to increase the presence of this genre in the region.

Touchpoint Art Foundation puts an emphasis on international exchange programs and co-production works.

The bi-annual event is 8-12 days intense program where both professionals and the audience could benefit, experience, learn and share by viewing and participating.

Founder director: Batarita,

Manager 2009-2015.: PINTÉR Gábor,

Assistant, organizer 2016-2018: IRIMIÁS Olga

Assistants 2019-2020: TÜZES Éva, BATA Ágnes

The Festival was initiated in 2009, where the aim was to present Japanese traditional and contemporary performing art forms to Eastern-European audience. The focus of the Festival was on butoh, the event was titled as “Power of Age” Butoh Festival, its touring program was in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Invited in 2009: MUROBUSHI Ko, TAKAI Tomiko, OHNO Yoshito, Bernardo MONTET, UESUGI Mitsuyo, Takatzu Kagura Company, Batarita, Paul IBEY, Sonoko PROW

In 2011 and in 2013 the Festival (titled: Japan is here!) has presented mainly Japanese butoh artists, and it was extended with a touring program to Bratislava (SK) and Krakow (PL).

Invited artists from abroad in 2011: MUROBUSHI Ko, OHNO Yoshito, Batarita, KASAI Akira Company, YOSHIOKA Yumiko, ISHIMOTO Kae

Invited artists from abroad in 2013: MUROBUSHI Ko, BATIK, Batarita, MEGURO Daiji, KOMATSU Tohru, Lola LINCE

In 2015 we changed the idea of the festival and started to introduce performers from all over Asia and from different countries – Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Israel, Hong Kong whose arts are edgy and radical. We were following this idea in 2017 as well. In 2017 the touring program was in Pecs (HU – European Capitals of Culture 2010).

Invited artists from abroad in 2015: Andrea Costanzo MARTINI, Ambiguous Dance Company, Batarita Dance Company, KIM Boram, KOMINAMI Yuko, Tomás TELLO, Tanta Grup, KUROSU Ikumi, KATORI Naoto, LIU Wei, HE Liping, GAO Yuan, TSZIN Valentin, Esme Wang XIAOZHOU, MUROBUSHI Ko Archive Tokyo (Japan)

Invited artists from abroad in 2017: NAKAJIMA Natsu, LIM Set Byeol, ONG Yong Lock, greenmay, YIP Paul, WATANABE Haruka, SHIMOJIMA Reisa, MUROBUSHI Ko Archive Tokyo (Japan)

Invited artists from abroad in 2019: KARAS (Japan), Basile DOGANIS (France), JI Kyungmin (Korea), Goblin Party (Korea), IMAEDA Seina (Japan), Josh MARTIN (Kanada), OMORI Yoko (Japan), Elías Aguirre Imbernón (Spain), XIAO Zhiren (China), OKUYAMA, Barabbas (Japan), MUROBUSHI Ko Archive Tokyo (Japan)

Invited artists from abroad in 2021: Ken MAI (Japan), KO Jihae (Korea), IWAOKA Tashi (Japan), Carmen FUMERO (Spain), MUROBUSHI Ko Archive Tokyo (Japan)

Invited artists in 2023: MUROBUSHI Ko Archive Tokyo (Japan), SUZUKI Yukio (Japan), HOANG Tu (Vietnam), MURATA Hiro (Japan), YANG Byeong Hyeon (Korea), Batarita (H), BENKŐ Róbert (H), TÓTH Laura (H), UHERKOVICH Gál Győző (H) and the electric musician of University of Pécs.

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