mentor program

The Touchpoint Art Foundation’s Mentor Program selects young, talented choreographers and offers the opportunity to use the help of Batarita Mentor, Choreographer-Director.

During the 2-4 month process the artist helped by the mentor to develop their upcoming creature or piece.

Awarded atists:


KALMÁR Ákos / Hungary / Keresői az ég színének


IMAEDA Seina / Japan / Have you thought that you want to lick your own eyes?


KALMÁR Ákos / Hungary / Esumi és Asao / RS9 Off Festival 1st price

  SHIMOJIMA Reisa / Japan / Majom pelenkában / several prices of Odoru Akita, NDA, Fukoaka Dance Fringe


WATANABE Haruka / Japan / Grand Finale / Masdanza-Best Solo, Audience Price


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